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What is Viyo imune+

Viyo imune+ is a healthy and delicious
prebiotic drink
for cats and dogs. 
To support the immune system!

What is prebiotic and how does it work?

Prebiotic fibres stimulate healthy bacteria in the intestine, which is key to a good immune system! 
Advantages of our liquid and prebiotic formulation:
The prebiotics are not broken down in the stomach
Faster and better absorption of the ingredients
Propagation of good bacteria in the intestine
Reduction of bad bacteria in the intestine

For dogs

For cats

What our customers say

Viyo imune+ is the best

Very happy with this product! My dogs is in great shape.


Highly recommended

It's a fantastic product.


Gaston is a fan

Gaston, our cat loves it!


Where to find Viyo Imune+ ?

Visit our Store Locator to find
out where.