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What is Viyo imune+ for dogs

The most tasty prebiotic drink that supports immunity. Formulated by veterinarians.

How does Imunehelps your pet?

                of the natural resistance or immunity is built up in the intestine. Viyo Imune+ contains the prebiotics FOS and inulin. These are natural fibers that feed the good bacteria in the intestine through which the intestines of dogs and cats work better. Thus, the useful nutrients are optimally absorbed and utilized, effectively supporting the immune system.
                 of the prebiotic fibers come enter the intestine without becoming broken down in the stomach. This is because Imune+ is a drink. 

When can we recommend imune+?

As a healthy daily habit
imune+ works preventively by supporting the immune system in the intestine optimally at all times.  
When changing seasons
The transition from warm to cold or wet weather makes cats and dogs more susceptible to infections.  In summer, dogs and cats explore the outside world and are exposed to numerous sources of infection.  

When changing food or diet
A change of diet can disrupt the stomach and intestinal system, weakening the absorption of nutrients.  Imune+ helps to support proper functioning.
Under stress
Stress can occur due to a change of environment, interior, travelling, changed family composition or living with several pets.

For puppies and kittens
The immune system is only fully developed after a few weeks or months.  In the meantime, imune+ provides the necessary support while they get used to their new environment and food. 

For older animals
Due to the decrease in absorption capacity of the intestine, immunity weakens. Stimulating the absorption of nutrients noticeably reduces the risk of infections.

How to use

Viyo Imune+ is best served in the morning, before the first meal, for optimal absorption of the ingredients.
Shake well before opening, sediment is natural
Open the pouch with scissors
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Pour the content into a plate or bowl

An optimal result is reached by serving Imune+ 14 days in a row.

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