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The most tasty prebiotic drink that supports immunity.

Developed by veterinarians

¿Qué es Viyo imune+?

Viyo imune+ es una bebida prebiótica
sana y deliciosa
Para gatos y perros. 
¡Refuerza el sistema inmunológico!
                                of the prebiotic fibers come enter the intestine without becoming broken down in the stomach. This is because Imune+ is a drink. 

¿Qué son los prebióticos y cómo funcionan?

Las fibras prebióticas estimulan las bacterias sanas en el intestino y estas son imprescindibles para un buen sistema inmunológico.
Imune+ works preventively by optimaly supporting the immune system in the intestines.
When changing seasons
The transition from warm to cold or wet environments makes cats and dogs more susceptible to infections. With every change of season, a daily cure with Viyo Imune+ for 2 weeks recommended.
When changing food or diet 
Change of diet can upset the stomach and disrupt the intestinal tract, causing the absorption of nutrients is impaired. Imune+ helps support proper functioning. 
Under stress
Stress can arise in the changing of environment, interior, travelling, changed family composition or living together.
For puppies and kittens
Only after a few weeks or months is the immune system mature. In the meantime, Imune+ takes care of the necessary support while they are get used to their new environment and nutrition.
For older animals
Due to the decrease in absorption capacity of the intestine,  the immunity weakens. The inclusion of nutrient boost reduces noticeably the risk of infections.
Discover the effect of imune+ within 14 days! Try it now.
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the imunesystem of my pet affected? 
Usually this is due to diseases in cats and dogs such as stomach and intestinal complaints, skin problems, deficiency vitality, drinking too little or poor appetite. This has a negative influence on the resistance. Imune+ supports the resistance through the absorption of stimulate the nutrients in the gut.

- Dr. Appelmans


Para perros

Para gatos

Imune+, 14 handy dayportions in one box
When is the imunesystem of my pet affected? 
Imune+ is best served in the morning before eating. Imune+ is suitable for all dogs and cats, except in case of allergy to chicken.

¿Qué dicen nuestros clientes?

¡Viyo imune+ es lo mejor!

Estoy muy satisfecha con este producto. Mi perro está en óptima forma.


Muy recomendable

Es un producto fantástico.


Gaston es fan

¡Gaston, nuestro gato, lo adora!


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